Getting ready for summer with Gigil's Changing and Travel Backpack

As a new parent, preparing for a day out with your baby can be a challenge. Like with anything new, you picture the worst case scenario in your head and end up putting it off. Gone are the days where you have just your own bag to worry about with your keys, purse, phone in. It’s the bottles, the muslins, the spare change of clothes, the nappies, the wipes… the list goes on. Will I remember everything? What if I run out of something? Whether you’re a first-time parent or a parent of three, these questions will never get old.

From walks in the park, an afternoon picnic, and maybe even a day at the seaside, as we enter the summer season, enjoying the weather with our little ones is what it’s all about. But preparing everything that you’re little one needs for those long summer days, isn’t always easy.

One of the main reasons for this is space, or lack of. Along with other things like timing, and balancing other day-to-day stuff before you head out for the day, finding space to pack everything is what usually throws us parents off and we can tend to end up shoving things lose in the boot of our car or the bottom of the pram. And then we wonder why we can’t find anything.

The changing bags that usually come when you purchase your baby’s pram tend to be useful for keeping their bits together in one place, ideal for home environments or popping out for an hour or so, but it’s rare to find one that keeps parents and babies in mind for those busier and longer days out.

Instead, having a changing and travel backpack can be convenient for parents who want their hands free, or prefer having their bags on their backs rather than having their changing bag going across the handlebar of the pram. Changing bags that sit across the handlebar can sometimes slide down, and can take up unnecessary room if moved to the space at the bottom of the pram. If you’re going out on your own, having a changing and travel backpack will free up your hands, or if going out with someone else, it will free up space in the pram as one person could carry the backpack. Gigil’s Changing and Travel Backpack comes in black, with silver zips, and a stylish turquoise interior. Its smart and trendy simple design can be worn by mum or dad.


With over ten different compartments, Gigil’s Changing and Travel Backpack includes a space for everything, and even has two foil lined pockets to keep your baby’s milk warm. These foiled pockets are located in the front compartment, making them easily accessible for you to feed your baby.


In remembering everything else, you’ve forgotten to charge your phone. Panic not, however, as with this changing and travel backpack you can charge your phone on the go with a handy USB port at the side of the bag (battery pack not included).


The bag includes a lightweight fold up changing mat, ideal for changing baby on the move. Easily wipeable, it comes in turquoise to match the interior of the changing and travel backpack.


Wanting to keep other things warm for the day? Well this changing and travel backpack comes with a matching portable bag which is also foil lined. This is highly convenient for other types of storage for the day and can be worn securely around your wrist or stored in the bag.



Remember to apply suncream to your baby before you go out and regularly throughout the day. Don’t forget their hands and feet.

Try to avoid sitting in direct sunlight and opt for shady areas. If your baby isn’t crawling or walking, they’ll be more than happy to lay and kick their legs in the shade. Even if they are on the move, you should encourage them to play in the shade, especially during the middle of the day when the sun is at it’s strongest.

Make sure you have a wide-brimmed sunhat for your baby to keep their heads and eyes protected. You could choose a hat with a strap that tucks under their chin to stop it falling off.

Remember to attach an umbrella, sun canopy or a sun hood to the pram to protect your baby from the sun.

 Written by @ameliamaecunningham_