Vegan leather

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At Gigil we don't use real animal leather we use vegan and cruelty free leather that is designed to last.

Our soft vegan leather is like animal leather because it needs to be cared for to ensure it maintains the shape and condition it was sent in.

Vegan leather is non-porous, which means the material does not transfer water and/or air (basically it's waterproof), this makes it easier to clean.


Caring for vegan leather

All our Gigil bags come with a protective dust bag because we know you may buy your changing bag in advance, so if you're not planning on using the bag for a while, we recommend keeping it in the dust bag and stuffing it with some old newspaper or tissue paper so that it keeps its shape.


Cleaning vegan leather

Firstly, we must warn you to be cautious of using antibacterial wipes and products on the bags as they can cause them to discolour due to the active ingredients in them. Instead, we recommend using baby wipes as they don't contain harmful ingredients and have been tested to wipe away messes without damaging the leather. We also think they're handy because you will probably have loads at home.

An alternative method of cleaning is warm water, washing up liquid and a clean cloth. Fill your sink up with a little warm water and add a small size amount of washing up liquid (about half a teaspoon) then soak your clean cloth in the water. Before wiping over the stained area wring out the cloth so that it is slightly damp. The bags may be waterproof, but you don’t want to soak them.

Avoid bleach at all costs as using harsh products on the bag will cause the leather to dry which makes it more likely to crack and tear.

Benefits of vegan leather

The first benefit people think of when they consider buying a vegan leather bag, is that the production of vegan leather doesn’t use animals and is cruelty free. PETA states that, “More than a billion cows, pigs, goats, sheep, alligators, ostriches, kangaroos, and even dogs and cats are slaughtered for their skins every year".

There are also several other benefits to using vegan leather. The production of vegan leather produces less carbon dioxide than animal agriculture, which create a large amount of greenhouse gases.

All vegan leather products produce fewer toxic chemical products than animal leather and the most vegan leather products require little to no chemical products in the production.

Animal leather has large water footprint with a large amount of water being allocated to keeping the animals alive, then huge amounts more is used in the process of producing the leather.


Customer's opinions

Now that you've read the facts about vegan leather, why not read the testimonies from our happy customers:

Alexandra about the Bounty – Black

" Perfect!

This bag has so much storage and all the pockets are easily accessible. It’s a timeless piece that even my fella doesn’t mind carrying around! Cruelty Free vegan leather makes it all the more culture appropriate too. It was also delivered within 2 days! 10/10 love it!"

Lauren about the Bloom – Black

"Couldn't be happier with this bag! 

I honestly couldn't be happier with this purchase! It doesn't even look like a changing bag. The vegan leather is absolutely gorgeous and so practical! It's so much bigger than it looks and fits so much in. I'm so glad I went with this bag!"

Saffron about the Luxe – Grey

"Perfect luxe bag!

The perfect bag! Vegan leather, gorgeous colour (mine is the grey one but I love them all) loads of space and compartments but not bulky at all! Comes with pram straps too which is another great feature. Super quality all round and beautiful features. Lovely brand in general! Couldn’t ask for better :)"