Travelling With Your Little One: First Flight Must-Haves For New Parents

4-5 minute read

You and your little one are jetting off on your first adventure together. While the excitement is probably bubbling over, it's natural to feel a touch of apprehension and be slightly anxious (I know we were) – especially when it comes to packing for your precious cargo.

If you're a flying parent newbie, not to worry. Our handy guide lists all the essentials you need, to ensure a smooth and happy flight for both you and your mini-me.

What to pack for travelling with your baby:

Nappies/Diapers: Pack plenty! Think about the flight duration, potential delays, and a cushion for blowouts (Sod's Law applies to airplanes too!). Double the estimated amount is a good rule of thumb.

Wipes: Opt for travel-sized packs that fit easily in your diaper bag for quick access during nappy changes.

Changing Mat: A portable changing mat provides a clean surface no matter where you need to change your baby. (All of our changing bags come with a portable changing mat, that wipes clean).

Ziplock Bags: Perfect for storing dirty nappies and keeping the rest of your belongings fresh. (Parent Hack: you can use big sandwich bags!)

Keep your little one comfortable and entertained with:

Favourite Blanket: A familiar blanket provides a sense of security and comfort for your baby.

Stuffed Animals & Toys: Pack a few of your baby's favourite toys to keep them occupied during the flight. Consider bringing a new or previously unseen toy for an extra dose of intrigue.

Dummies/Pacifiers or Teethers: If your baby uses a dummy or teether, bring a few extras in case one gets lost. (Parent Hack: all of our changing bags have a handy dummy clip, so you can have it to hand when you need it).

Bonus Tips:

Dress in Layers: Airplane temperatures can fluctuate, so dress your baby in layers for easy adjustments.

Nursing Cover (Optional): If you're breastfeeding, a nursing cover can provide privacy while nursing on the plane.

Wear Comfortable Clothing: Opt for loose-fitting clothes for yourself too – comfort is key for managing your little one during the flight.

Download Movies/Shows: Download some baby-friendly shows or movies onto your phone or tablet to keep your little one entertained in case the flight has limited options for entertainment.

Ignore The Karen's: I know it's a lot harder to do than just me writing this, but if your baby cries or is restless, don't be thinking about what the other people on the plane think about you. Do you and keep your baby comfortable and happy.


The most important thing is to be prepared and flexible.  Babies thrive on routine, but flight schedules and environments can be unpredictable.  Embrace the adventure, stay calm, and focus on keeping your precious little one comfortable.  With a little planning and these handy essentials, you and your little explorer will be soaring through the skies in no time!

So in short, overpack. For your first time flying with a little one, it will give you peace of mind and take some of the stress away (it won't be a lot, but anything is worth it in these situations).

Happy Travels,

The Gigil Family

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