Q&A with an amazing mum of 2 beautiful little girls

1. What are some of the unexpected joys you've discovered in parenting that you didn't anticipate before having children?

Before having children there were so many things I couldn't wait for and even when my eldest daughter arrived there were many moments I couldn't wait to experience like hearing her first laugh, say her first word or take her first steps but something that came unexpected to me since becoming a mother is them little moments spent together as a family at the end of the day chatting about what we got up to in the day wheather that be at tea time around the table or during bath time. 

2. How you do you navigate the different needs of your two daughters, and do you find any particular strategies or approaches work best?

Being a mother definitely comes with it challenges especially when trying to navigate both theirs needs that most of the time are so different. One of the ways I've found helps during this time is involve my toddler in whatever I might be doing with the baby, for example if my daughter needs a nappy change but my toddler also wants me to sit and play with her, I will say lets play babies and she will change her dolls nappy while I change her sisters. Another thing is just don't rush, take your time, some things can wait and access the situation of what needs to come first. 

3. What does the perfect family day out look like for you?

A perfect family day out is getting wrapped up and go for a nice walk together sometimes to the park but being togethers outdoors is definitely our favourite thing to do as a family. 

4. As a busy mum of two, what are your top tips for staying organised and ensuring you have everything you need when you're out and about with your little ones?

Preparation is key. Pack the bag the night before so you don't have to think of packing everything as you get out the door, I also find having back ups or extra in the car, like snacks, nappies, wipes and spare clothes. 

5.Can you share some of your favourite features of the changing bag you currently use with your little ones?

My favourite feature of out Luxe (2.0) is how spacious it is, I am able to fit everything in for both of my girls and still have room left for more if I needed. Another of one of my favourite features is the water resident material outside and the material m inside the bag, I recently had one of my daughter's snacks leaked into the bag and it was so easy to clean and didn't stain and dried out so quickly. 

6. What are some of the must-have items you always carry in your baby changing bag, and how do they make your life as a mum easier?

Of course not to mention the basics of a changing bags that are definitely must haves but sometimes that may not be seen as a essential but I definitely class as a must have is the Sleeptroll Baby Rocker and its helps me when I need a extra pair of hands, maybe when are in a cafe or soft play and I'm trying to help Margo but Ember is upset and wants rocking. The Sleeptroll rocks the pram or car seat for me. Another must have is always have enough snacks and more because I find no matter the situation a snack can always save the day especially when it comes to my toddler. Lastly I like to ALWAYS pack a couple of teethers or rattles for my 6 month old as this can make an easy distraction if they're getting unsettled in the pram or even during changing time. 

7. Balancing motherhood and self-care can be challenging. How do you find time for yourself amongst the demands of parenting, and what are some of your favourite ways to recharge?

Finding the balance is definitely hard but I think seeking out small pockets of time during your day or week to focus on yourself is so important. A few ways I like to do this is mostly when my little one naps I make sure I recharge with a hot cuppa tea or cook myself a nice lunch instead of completing the house work, the house work can wait. Another way Is to ask for help, as a mum of two most of the day is filled so finding the time can be hard but communication and asking for help is key. whether that be from your partner, a friend , grandparents etc asking them to watch your littles ones while you run yourself a bath or maybe even treat yourself to a manicure is so important. 

8. As your daughters grow, what are your hopes and dreams for them, and how do you envision your role as their mum evolving over the years?

My hopes and dreams for my girls would have to be that they always have each other and be close no matter what and I hope they're happy with whatever they choice to do in their future and confident within themselves. As their mum I will support them and always be by their side, I have such a close relationship with my mum and I hope I have that with my girls as they grow. I hope I will always be the person they call no matter day,time or place as I want them to know I will always be there. 

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