The Gigil guarantee

At Gigil we try to make your life that little bit easier after it changes forever. We believe the quality of our changing bags should last and that is why each Gigil item comes with a one-year warranty.

How it works

With a valid proof of purchase, we are happy to exchange all items that have manufacturing faults up to one year.

You must declare any faults with your order, including missing items, within 14 days of delivery.

    What it doesn't cover

    • Accidental damage and wear and tear from general everyday use (scuffs, snags, tears etc)
    • Lost items
    • Zips that have worked for 6 months as we class this as wear and tear and not a manufacturing defect as this will be down to misuse

    How do I return my item that's in warranty?

    Before returning your item to us, please contact us so we can log your Gigil item coming back to us and provide you with a free returns label.


    Please note:

    • Our guarantee does not restart again if you have received a replacement bag. The guarantee starts from the date of the original purchase date.
    • If we no longer sell your item, you will offered either store credit or an item of a similar value.

    Help to prolong the life of your changing bag

    Just like any bag, please do not overfill your Gigil bag. Gigil changing bags aren't made from an elasticated material, they are made from vegan leather so they only have so much 'give' in them.

    Our best piece of advice is, if the bag has lost it's natural shape when you have packed it, you have most likely filled it too full and could potentially damage the bag.

    Not overfilling your bag will help to prolong it's life.